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One on One
WorkShop Experience

Want a more Hands on Approach to your Custom Piece?

At our shop, we offer a unique hands-on experience for those who want to create their own furniture or art piece. We will guide you through the entire process, from selecting the wood to sanding and finishing your piece.

You will play a major role in the creating of your piece.

You will have the unique opportunity to put your love and attention into your creation by utilizing our skills, tools, and workshop space.

Every experience is different and custom depending on your level of involvement and the type of project.












Here's what a traditional one on one experience will look like...


  • Have a quick 15 min call to see if this experience will work for you.

  • Agree to terms and conditions and place a deposit of half of the agreed upon quote.

  • Set an appointment time to come to the shop and talk more details about your desired project.

  • Set up dates and times to come into the shop

  • We will guide you through each step, but you will do most of the hands-on work. This could include designing, sanding, placing personal items (for epoxy encasements), mixing and pouring epoxy, planing, buffing, and finishing.

  • Any use of saws, CNC work, or lasering will only be done by us.


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Interested? Lets get the conversation started!

Potential Project Options
Epoxy Encasements?
Frequently asked questions:

One-On-one project edition

Can I bring my own wood for the project?

It is possible to supply your own wood, but it must be up to our standards for being a good option for the desired project. However, it will only slightly decrease the overall price of the experience.

How do we set up the times for me to come in?

We will work with your schedule and try to do our best at  Also we ask you to please be mindful of our schedules as well. We are still a workshop that is actively working on other custom jobs and will need to schedule your times depending on availbility

How long will my project take?

As mentioned before, we work with your schedule while being mindful of the shop's schedule. Most projects can vary between a week to a month depending on the size and use of epoxy or not.

Can I just come in and utilize the shop for my own project?

This concept is truly meant to be an experience and is set up as such. We cannot accommodate for personal projects at this time.

Is it okay if I have never done any type of woodworking?

Absolutely! This is designed for beginners to intermediate experience. That's what we are there for!

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