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How do I pay for my custom piece?

Half of the total is due upon acceptance of the quote. You will receive an email invoice with a payment portal. We accept cash, check, and credit/debit card. 

How long is the typical wait time?

It varies on the current work load and the type of job it is. We usually have a 2-6 month wait.

Can I place my own items in the epoxy encasement?

Yes! We can input your own items or you can come by and help place them in your table/item.

Do I have to live locally?

No! We can do virtual consultations and ship straight to you!

Do you install?

We do install mantles, barn doors, shelving, and countertops in the local region. If you do not live locally and order one of these items, they can be installed by a professional.

Do you do refinishing work?

Unfortunately, we work only with new builds at this time. Our shop is very busy and can only focus all our attention on custom work.

What happens if my design isn't done on time?

We try our best to stay within the expected finish date. However, we will not compromise quality. If there is an unforeseen issue that needs more time, we want to make sure it is up to our standard before we pass it on to you. Although rare, there are also possible delays in parts and hardware that can be unexpected. Most of the time, our estimate time of completion is accurate.

Do you offer any warranties?

We offer a 12 month warranty on craftsmanship.

Where does the wood come from?

Most of our stock is regionally sourced. All of the trees have been sustainably acquired. We do acquire some exotic woods occasionally that we can offer as well.

Just because its custom, does that mean it's ridiculously expensive?

Everything we produce is made by us, in our workshop. We try to keep your cost as low as possible while keeping the quality and high standard we expect. We try to offer a few different options at different price points. Our products are built strong and meant to last a lifetime. You pay for what you get!

Do you build custom for commercial/ businesses?

Yes! We work with many business owners to offer unique, well-built furniture, bar tops, and more. 

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