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Meet The Brothers

Adam Landry / Mark Landry


Family has always been the most important thing to us. Both of us are lucky enough to be able to call our job fun while creating beautiful furniture home accents together. Like most brothers, we are quite opposite which makes for an interesting day in the work shop. But at the end of the day, what comes out of the shop is a one of a kind, long lasting, work of art.


Both of us, have been born and raised by a close family in Southern California.  Our parents have been our guiding light through life.  Whom we are very thankful for.  Formally Dad was known as a Chief of Police, now he is retired.  He can now be found telling stories about our current custom tables in our Two Brothers Wood Works retail store.  Our highly educated mother proudly home schooled us through our childhood.  Today she has a major role at our Two Brothers Wood Shop where her glue keeps us all working together smoothly.  In 2006, we both became resort owners in the Smokey Mountains, called "Imagination Mountain".  With lots of hard work and with years of dedication it turned into an award winning and nationally recognized campground.  We both pursued a career with the local fire company and became master firemen.  We loved serving our community and still do.  The Two Brothers Wood Works business was established in 2018.  We feel like our journey has just begun, with our strong up bringing, faith, and family support.  We are mastering our craft and are looking forward to making custom heirloom treasures for you and your families to enjoy.  

Our process

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The life of a tree has its own story.  We are truly grateful to be part of its finishing journey.  The process begins from harvesting whole fallen logs, plaining the wood, and many steps in between.  The tree ends as a lifelong custom table or piece for you your family, and friends to enjoy.  We showcase the natural beauty of the tree.  From the timeless grains in the wood, to the live edges, and displaying the woods natural form.  We like to get creative with epoxy, resin, and even placing objects into a product.

We work hard from start to finish.  Whether it's gathering wood from local sites or from states far away.  We get wood that is only sourced from fallen trees due to natural disasters, weather, or removed for safety reasons.  We believe in sustainability which means: "The avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance".  We are able to utilize trees that normally would have been bonfire burned or simply used as firewood.  The employees in our store say, "the brothers don't like to waste a scrap of wood, when they are done with a project, they only want to see sawdust on their shop floor!"

Each custom treasure is just as unique as every tree in the wild.  Each item is created with love, dedication, and respect for the craft.  Choose us, for the task of making your dream table, or other products.  Each piece has its own story just like trees, us, and you.  We thank you for this awesome privilege, we're here to design just what you need. 

   Our Two Brothers Wood Works Shop is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The Two Brothers Wood Works Retail Store is located in Market Commons.  

The Store Address is 3026 Nevers Street Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.





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Market Commons Location

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