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It is a true pleasure to be a part of the entire process and continued life of the tree.


The job of showcasing the beauty of nature on is not one we take lightly. From the grain to the live edge, displaying the natural form is our main goal.

The process that begins from whole logs and ends as finished pieces for a home is our greatest enjoyment. We have the awesome privilege to see the wood from the source and be a part of the entire process. The dirty, hard work demanded from a lumber business, straight into the creative atmosphere of producing one of a kind pieces in wood working.

Each piece is individual just as every tree is unique.

Each piece is created through dedication and a love for the craft.

Each piece and particular cut guides us through to the end result of a truly custom product.

All wood is sustainably sourced from our own mill in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and our Two Brothers Wood Works shop is located in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


What does Sustainably even mean?...


Our wood is strictly only sourced from trees that were removed for safety reasons or already down due to weather, natural disaster, etc. Through owning our own mill, we are able to utilize trees that normally would have been burned or used for firewood.












Born and raised in Southern California, we were raised in a close family. Our father was a Chief of Police and our mother raised and educated us at home.

In 2006, we moved across the country as teenagers with our family to start a new life as resort owners in the Smoky Mountains, now called Imagination Mountain. Getting older into adulthood, we worked hard in our new life for years. We grew the resort to a nationally recognized, award winning campground. Along side growing our family business, we eventually became local firemen and instructors. We became master firemen and loved being a part of a community service. I suppose service has always been in our blood. 


Wood Logs
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